Who can attend the Ultimate Fiji Soccer Cup? 

The Ultimate Fiji Soccer Cup is usually for Boys U10 to U19 years and Girls U12 to U19 years.  

We have also included Senior Women and Ladies O30.
Note: This is a competitive tournament.  Players & Teams are subject to interview prior to acceptance. 


Who else will be there? 

  • Fiji is represented by their National Development teams in both male and female categories. 
  • In the younger age groups, the Fiji Regional Development squads compete.  
  • Previously New Zealand attended with their National U17 Girls.  
  •  Vanuatu and Solomon Islands have been invited.
  • Australia are often represented with teams from New South Wales, South Australia, Victoria, Australian Capital Territory and Queensland. 


When is it on? 

  • Ultimate Fiji Soccer Cup is held annually.
  • From NOV to MID DEC.


What are the Age Groups?

  • Development - Boys U11 (8v89) and Girls U11 (8v8), Girls U13 (9v9)
  • Tournament teams Girls U15, U17 & Senior Women and Boys U12, U14, U15 & U17

These teams will play 11 v 11 on a full field.


Are there any exemptions on age?

  • As a developing nation Fiji can request individual players for age exemption. 
  • Consideration is given to RAE (Relative Age Effect) in other age divisions


How can a team enter? 

  • Teams and Individual Players must apply to participate in the Ultimate Fiji Soccer Cup and will be selected on their merit. The organisers reserve the right to limit and screen applications. Email Bruce

What is the format of the tournament?

  • Development play 8v8 or 9v9 on smaller fields. 
  • All games unlimited interchange. 


  • Tournament Teams play 11 v 11 on a standard field and will usually play one game each day.
  • The recommended squad size is 16 to 18 players. 
    All games unlimited interchange. 

Are other countries invited? 

  • Yes, we have been contacted by teams from New Zealand, Singapore, USA, Canada, UAE, China and Japan. 

What else do we do while in Fiji? 

  • Teams will enjoy; sailing to a deserted island, attending a local village, celebrating at the Presentation Gala,  training and playing each day.
  • Optional extras include: The Water Park, Mini Golf, Driving Range plus so much more.


Can Supporters attend? 

  • Yes, Supporters are most welcome and Ultimate Sports Travel & Events will assist with all arrangements including flights, accommodation, etc. By booking with Ultimate Sports Travel you will be advised of any schedule changes and provided with the airport and game transfers and a Presentation Event.  
  • As a loyal supporter we also include in your package the Sailing Safari, A Beach Party, Village Visit and much more.
  • Supporters will also be invited to attend a casual welcome function - an opportunity to meet other supporters, event staff and learn more about the supporters program.
  • Dedicated Ultimate Sports Travel staff will be available to assist travelling supporters who book with us and ensure a fantastic holiday! 
  • If you just want to lay around the pool… that is ok as well! 


Where do Supporters stay? 

  • Supporters of the Development & Junior teams stay in the same deluxe team resort as the players. 
  • Supporters of the Youth and Senior teams have an option to stay at a nearby Superior Spa Resort. Should a supporter request to stay at the players resort it will be subject to the travelling team conditions as set by their Board of Management. 
  • Each hotel will have dedicated Ultimate Sports Travel & Events staff to assist supporters who have booked with us. 


Can a family stay longer for a holiday? 

  • Yes, contact the staff at Ultimate Sports Travel & Events for post tournament add-on options. 


What is the weather like at this time of year? 

  • It is always hot in Fiji at this time of year. You will need to drink plenty of water. Keep to shaded areas as much as possible. Afternoon rain storms are common but they do not normally affect the tournament schedule. 
  • Average Maximum Temperature in December is: 31.4 degrees celsius
  • Average minimum temperature in December is: 22.1 degrees celsius

How do I join the IFG team? 

  • Many players apply to join an International Football Group (IFG) team to attend the Fiji Cup. Players must send in their IFG Player Booking Form with an email outlining their current age, club, position and contact details. 
  • The information will be discussed by IFG Coaching staff and suitable applicants approved. 
  • Players are selected on their football ability but more importantly “Passion and Desire” for the game of football. The process for selection is usually based on several aspects including background checks of performance; observation from IFG Staff Coaches and recommendations from your current/past coaches or managers. 


How do I get more information?