Resort Paradise
Resort Paradise WOW!!! The players will enjoy a magical day on a deserted island. Superb buffet lunch, beach activities, water sports and more!
Competition is keen...
Competition is keen... There is no doubt the tournament is keenly contested. All players are looking for that vital something to help them win the contest... but overall sportsmanship is well rewarded.
Referees doing a great job
Referees doing a great job Fiji have increased their intake in developing referees which is very exciting for the tournament. Australia are also sending Referees to test themselves on the international stage.
Coaches have the task of guiding the players to accustom to the conditions and challenges that Fiji brings to the tournament week
Fiji Game Locations
Fiji Game Locations Teams will have the chance to experience and enjoy different townships in Fiji. Ba, Lautoka, Nadi and Denarau are some of the destinations on the agenda.
Oh what a feeling!
Oh what a feeling! Great to see the bonding of the travelling international teams. Mascots are a vital ingredient.


The inaugural Ultimate Fiji Soccer Cup commenced in 2010 with a vision to develop junior football. There was no specific agenda, but most certainly a purpose to spread the word throughout Australia and our near neighbours.  Following that first year, the passion spread throughout Oceania and we welcomed a ladies New Zealand team to the tournament.  In 2012, we introduced a ladies tournament to the program to run alongside the men’s.  In 2013 and 2014, we evolved the program further with the introduction of an ‘Under 13’s Tournament’ with the overall aim of developing players through the National Coaching Curriculum. In 2015 we enter the fifth year of the Ultimate Fiji Cup; with New South Wales, South Australia and Fiji battling for champion status. In 2016 we welcomed the U11 Boys to experience international football.

Moving further on the tournament quality continued to increase. Fiji started developing Regional Coaching Directors and their coach education programmes grew.

2020 is now famous for the Covid virus and the way it has changed the world. With international borders closed we could only look from afar as the Fiji Soccer Cup dates passed us by. Our thoughts were with the Fijians that they remain safe and well and we will see you in 2021.


Heading into 2021 we are optimistic all borders will be open in time for our annual event. The tournament is looking to expand with Boys U10 and Girls U12. This  gives real meaning to the development pathway for Fijian players. We are so proud of the Australian players and teams who have taken up this challenge to combine training sesions with tournament play to provide an overall football experience. The competitive age groups now are Boys U12, U14, U16 & U19 and the Girls U14, U16 & U19. Grassroots to Nationale selection is a reality!