Ultimate Fiji Cup also provides great experiences for both players and supporter off the field as well as on the field. We take each team to variosu villages being greeted by a traditional cava ceremony. We bring along donations to the villages such as soccer balls and old kits. The Junior devision gets to experience a Fijian Cultural night in which there are Fijian performers and cava cermony. These are just a few of the enriching experiences that Fiji Cup provides.


U12 Boys – Champions – Nadi, Fiji      Runners Up – Ba, Fiji

U13 Girls – Champions – IFG NSW       Runners Up – Ba, Fiji

U14 Boys – Champions – Ba, Fiji          Runners Up – Nadi, Fiji

U15 Girls – Champions – Fiji West       Runners Up – IFG NSW

U16 Boys – Champions – Fiji West       Runners Up – IFG NSW

U17 Girls – Champions – IFG NSW      Runners Up – Fiji South

U18 Boys – Champions – IFG NSW      Runners Up – Fiji North

MINI TOURNAMENT 2017 WINNERS – Sponsored by Hard Rock Cafe, Fiji

U13 Girls – Champions – IFG NSW

U14 Boys – Champions – IFG NSW

U17 Girls – Champions – IFG NSW

U18 Boys – Champions – Fiji North


The inaugural Ultimate Fiji Cup commenced in 2010 with a vision to develop junior football. There was no specific agenda, but most certainly a purpose to spread the word throughout Australia and our near neighbours.  Following that first year, the passion spread throughout Oceania and we welcomed a ladies New Zealand team to the tournament.  In 2012, we introduced a ladies tournament to the program to run alongside the men’s.  In 2013 and 2014, we evolved the program further with the introduction of an ‘Under 13’s Tournament’ with the overall aim of developing players through the National Coaching Curriculum. In 2015 we enter the fifth year of the Ultimate Fiji Cup; with New South Wales, South Australia and Fiji battling for champion status. And now in 2016 we welcome the U11 Boys to experience international football.


This year we are bringing along the following Australian teams; Boys & Girls U13, U15 & U17 and Boys U12s. These teams will be competeing again Fijian teams from Ba, Latoka and Nadi, to name a few. The junior competition commences on the 2nd of December and the Senior on the 3rd of December. We are looking forward to this years feirce competition to kick of on these dates! 


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