Ultimate Fiji Cup 2016 was epic. Our players endured the hot rays of the sun and extremely fierce competition. This comp. is designed to be challenging, pushing all players to achieve their personal best. Each year the Fijian competition is getting stronger which has been a joy to watch over the years. Ultimate Fiji Cup is all about improving and challenging our players and 2016 was no exception. See the highlight videos below for both our Seniors and Youth devisions as well as the Junior devision!

B11 Nadi 5 v Ba 0
B13 IFG 0 v Ba 0 IFG won penalty shootout
G13 Ba 1 v Nadi 0
B15 IFG 2 v Lautoka 0
G15 Brookvale 2 v Fiji Blue 1
B17 Fiji White 1 v Ba 0
G17 Fiji Blue 5 v Sth Aust 0