Gabby Blanch on football in limbo and the Ultimate Fiji Soccer Cup

    There was recently a great article on the Football NSW website about IFG NSW Girls coach Gabby Blanch and how she is managing without football.

    Read the FNSW article here.

    Gabby has had a huge impact on our female teams at the Ultimate Fiji Soccer Cup with her strict discipline mixed with a genuine understanding of the conditions and challenges the Ultimate Fiji Soccer Cup brings.

    The Central Coast Mariners' skipper will be coaching the G16 team at the 2020 tournament in late November and is currently looking for players wanting to take their game to a new level.

    "International competition is a wonderful experience for players," Gabby advised.

    "To live and breathe the game every day is a dream. 

    "Fiji is obviously a magical destination but this tournament expands those experiences with the Fijian sides being very competitive on their home soil."

    Gabby has a special talent in getting to know her players very quickly and provides ongoing feedback to help them through the gruelling week, mixed with relaxing experiences, which culminates with a grand final day full of colour and excitement.


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